Top Attractions in Koh Samui

Who said that a visit to Koh Samui was just about the beach? The island’s rich history and stunning architecture provides plenty of sightseeing opportunities, guaranteed to satisfy avid history, art, and architecture buffs alike. Science and Nature lovers will also find their perfect match, owing to Koh Samui’s rich marine life and stunning natural sites. We hope you enjoy our list of top attractions:

Big Buddah Temple is a must see attraction, the 12 ft tall golden elevated statue is a sacred place for many locals Buddhists who come to pray and receive blessings fromBig Buddah the monks located at the Temple. Big Buddah is built on the small island of Koh Fam and can be reached by a short causeway. The temple of Wat Plai Laem, with its equally monumental statue of the 10-armed Guayin, goddess of mercy and compassion, is only a short walk away and surrounded by a lake. Make a donation to the temple and you can feed the fish. Both temples are 20th century structures, but the techniques used in the murals, statues and buildings conform to ancient traditions and beliefs.

The Secret Buddah Garden was created in the hills of Koh Samui’s jungle interior by the fruit farmer, Khun Nim, who worked on it for his own pleasure for several decades, filling it with statues of animals, gods and people. The garden is shaded by trees, and a river passes through it, tumbling over waterfalls and becoming part of the design, flowing around natural rocks that are carved into sleeping figures. After Khun Nim retired, he opened the gardens to the public and it became a popular attraction for visitors to Koh Samui.

The Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks, Hin Yai and Hin Ta, can be found among the coastal rock formations between Hua Thanon and Lamai. Legend tells of an old couple who sailed across the sea to arrange the marriage of their son. Their boat was wrecked in a storm and they drowned and were turned into rocks that stand as an eternal memorial to the bride’s parents’ wishes: the rocks look like accurate representations of male and female reproductive organs.

Bophut Walking Street

Bophut Walking Street

Bophut, Walking Street is the market that attracts the largest number ofvisitors. It is held every Friday night, starting from around 7 pm. Locals and guests alike are to be found promenading through the main road of Fisherman’s Village, meeting with friends, tasting the food, and browsing through the many things offered at the stalls and shops, where nice handcrafted gifts and local delicacies can be found. Live music and a relaxing atmosphere have made Walking Street in Fisherman’s Village the most popular weekly event on the island – don’t miss it!

Hin Lad Waterfall

Hin Lad Waterfall

The Hin Lad Waterfall is one of the finest on Koh Samui and a perfect place to relax with a picnic. It is reached by hiking around three or four kilometres down a jungle trail that begins just south of Nathon. Along the trail you’ll pass the Hin Lad Waterfall Temple, a modest building with a pleasant garden, a pond and a statue of the Buddha set in a small natural rock niche. Elephants come to bathe near the waterfall and tourists can go on an organized elephant trek.

The Starz Cabaret Lady Boy Show at Chaweng Beach features a Las Vegas type of glitzy review show, where the lady boys sing, lips-sync, dance and pose, showing off a lot of big costumes, big hair and big aspirations–mainly, of course, to be as feminine as possible, denying their masculinity. The show is put on with infectious good humour and enthusiasm. Entry is free, but the shows are very popular so ensure you get there early in order to guarantee a seat.

We hope our list of attractions has inspired you to savour the rich culture and breathtaking architecture and natural surrounds of Koh Samui. With top marine parks, geological formations, and majestic shrines, temples and gardens, Koh Samui can be as action-packed or chilled-out as you wish.

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